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Thread: Islahi's Tadabbar-ul Quran: SUrah Fatiha and Baqarah

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    Default Islahi's Tadabbar-ul Quran: SUrah Fatiha and Baqarah

    Wa salaam,

    The following is a link to the excellent translation by Saleem Kayani, though a preview:

    If one wants to obtain an accurate understand to his approach, reading Islahi's (R) own introduction, which is complete in this preview, will suffice. It will address many of the 'doubts' people may have. It includes comments on his approach towards the Quranic language and how one is to determine the meaning of certain expressions in the Quran. His comments on the works of lexicons and how they are limited are also addressed. His comments on sunnah in relation to the Quran are addressed, as well as the hadith and asbab-e-nuzul.
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    Default Re: Islahi's Tadabbar-ul Quran: SUrah Fatiha and Baqarah

    Where can I download the complete ebook?
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