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Thread: Have You Smiled Today? Keep Smiling

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    Salaam Clarity

    disillusionment is not part of the vocabulary of a true believer. An individual determines his own limits Allah will not test him/her beyond. My faith tells me that. We make choices and decisions and when they turn wrong we have to find a scape goat. " It is not our ability but our choices that determine our future". Every day on tv I see pictures of starving children in third world countries. Where parents see in front of their eyes their children dying of starvationa nd disease and they cannot do anything. Parents who sell their daughters as prostitutes to save them from starvation. People who have no homes. I know people who are a lot worse. Parents of a three year old who is having chemotherapy for cancer. Parents of not one but two children with severe mental and physical handicapp. Failure and disappointment is not the way of a true believer. We decide we are defeated not our potential or our destiny

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    Quote Originally Posted by Clarity View Post
    I've spent a good portion of the past 15 years crying. Every time I thought I could face the world, something has happened to pull me back down... and it's always been hard to get up again. I do smile every and now and then, but it doesn't feel natural to me. I feel awkward smiling. In fact, I look weird smiling. I look sad / depressed / angry whatever.

    Smiling with the lips is only part of the story. How does one make the heart smile? My heart feels so ... down trodden and lifeless. Every time I think about my heart I feel like crying... even right now...
    As salaamu alaykum,

    Everytime you think of your heart remember": Allah made you, He gave you that heart"- don't be so selfish, take care of it. Heart feels what you want it to feel. What you keep thinking (brain) it's how it effects it. Think positive, never fell so low when sad, and never go so high when happy. Stay in middle. You can do it with help of Allah, but only if you let Him, believe Him....Think of those in possition that really would make you cry.... think of poor, hungry, thirsty, homeless, no clothes to wear, bare footed, on rain, sun...war, earthquake, tsunami ....think of them and remember they have sabr/patience , think and thank Allah and dare to be sad and cry after math you need to do. I don't know your situation but no matter what it is, no excuse for not smiling... not smiling=not appreciating of goods that you have, no respect for those worse then you....crying over sins and mistakes is the only cry that is so ok, but also that cry can't be without hope ...may Allah azza wa jall guide you and all of us to the straight path and may He give us days were we can thank to Him for all we have. Ameen
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    I just did.But the smile from heart will come when
    the lifestyle of Islam will be established.

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