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Thread: Help to remove black magic

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    Response from Moiz Amjad UI web site

    The Qur'an has used the words "Nabi" (literally meaning: "one who informs") and Rasu'l" (literally meaning: "one who delivers a message") as terms as well as in their literal meanings. In their literal meaning, these words have also been used interchangeably. However, as terms of the Qur'an the two words have been used in a more qualified and distinct implication.

    "Nabi", as a term of the Qur'an refers to individuals selected by the Almighty for the specific purpose of delivering the message revealed to him from God and to remind people of the Day when they shall be presented before the Almighty and shall have to answer for their deeds. In other words, "Nabi" is an individual who guides his people to the path of the Creator's liking, in the light of the message revealed to him.

    On the other hand, "Rasu'l" (as a term of the Qur'an) is a special position, which was given only to a few of the "Nabis". Every "Nabi" is not necessarily a "Rasu'l". According to the details provided by the Qur'an regarding the position of "Rasu'l", the following points can be derived:

    God sends His "Rasu'ls" as symbols of His final Judgment. A "Rasu'l", in contrast to a "Nabi" is not just a deliverer of God's message. In addition to being a deliverer of God's message, he decides the fate of his addressees, on the basis of the response that he receives from them. The Qur'an, regarding "Rasu'ls" says:

    "Those who oppose God and His Rasu'ls shall be brought low. God has decreed: I will surely triumph, Myself and My Rasu'ls. God is Most Powerful, Mighty." (Al-Mujadilah 58: 20, 21)

    It should be quite clear from this clarification, that though "Nabi" and "Rasu'l" are separate designations of the Qur'an and all Nabis are not Rasu'l, yet all "Rasu'ls" are "Nabis" too. Thus when the Qur'an said that Mohammad (pbuh) is "the seal of Nabis", it automatically implies that the Qur'an holds him as the seal of "Rasu'ls" too, because a person who is a "Rasu'l", according to the Qur'an, has to be a "Nabi" first.
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    Salam lovethetruth,

    I don't know of any simpler and clearer ways to explain what I am trying to explain. Have a nice day. Salam
    To anyone reading my posts:
    I used to be hadith rejector. After studying hadith at a surface level, I realized the large amount of nonsense dispelled by this forum and their top users. The exemptions are Al Boriqi, Nawawi, Lumumba and hlatif (who is no longer here). My advice, leave this forum. If you read anything of me rejecting hadith, know that it is nonsense and I no longer hold that view. Read my "Bio" for more info.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alan View Post
    How much do you charge?
    You know someone with black magic??! How do you know they're black magic-ofied?

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    Black magic is manipulation of energy for the purpose of harming somebody. It is pure energy manipulation. There is no god or devil involved in this. There are various types of black magic depending upon the reasons for which it is to be used like Black Magic to Get Ex Back, Love Back etc.

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