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    I had explained to you in my lecture last Friday that according to the Quran there are men who go astray in three ways

    One is to leave aside the law of God and become slave of corporal desires.

    The second is to give preference to family customs and ways of life of forefathers over the law of God.

    The third is to ignore the system enunciated by God and His messenger and follow the ways of fellow-being who either be big personalities of their own nation or dominant nations of the world.

    Real definition of a Muslim

    The real definition of a Muslim is that he should be immune from these three ailments.

    That person alone is called a Muslim who is a slave of none but God and a follower of none but His messenger. He alone is a Muslim who sincerely believes that the teaching of God and His messenger is Absolute Truth, and that whatever is against it is false, and that whatever is good for man in this world and in the Hereafter is all contained in the teaching of God and His messenger.

    One who has complete faith in these verities always seeks guidance at every step in his life from the relevant injunction of God and His messenger, and on knowing the injunction submits to it. Having done that, he will never bother if his mind felt uneasy about it, or his family members upbraided him, or the worldly type of people opposed him, because in each case he will clearly reply

    "I am God's slave not yours; I have affirmed faith in His messenger, not in you."

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    Servitude of 'Self'
    If, contrary to this, a person says: "May this be the injunction of God and His messenger, my mind does not accept it because I consider it harmful. So I shall put aside the directions of God and His messenger and act according to my own opinion".
    Obviously the heart of such a person is bereft of faith. He is not a Momin but a hypocrite because while he verbally asserts that he is a servant of God and a follower of His messenger, in reality he is a slave of his own self and a follower of his own opinion.
    2. Adherence to custom
    Similarly, if a person says that whatever may be the injunc¬tions of God and His Prophet, how can a certain custom be given up when it is practised from his forefahers' time or how can a usage be discontinued which has been in vogue for long in his family and kith and kin. Such a person too will be reckoned among the hypocrites, though he might have grown on his forehead any size of knob due to profuse prostration in endless prayers and might have made his face very religious-looking because the actual reality of Deen has not permeated his heart.
    Deen does not consist of Ruku , Sajdah, Fasting and Hajj' nor is it found in the face and dress of a man.
    In fact Deen means obedience to God and His messenger. One who refuses to obey God and His messenger in conducting his affairs, his heart is in reality devoid of Deen. His Salat, his fasting and his religious appearance is nothing but a fraud.
    3. Imitation of other nations
    Similarly if a person, not caring for the Book of God and His messenger's directions, urges that certain custom be adopted because it is prevalent among Englishmen, and a particular thing be accepted because another nation is making progress because of it, and a certain point be conceded because a big person is advocating it, then such a person should guard himself against losing his faith.
    This type of talk is-irreconcilable to Iman. If you are a Muslim and want to remain a Muslim, then throw overboard every suggestion which is contrary to the injunctions of God and His messenger. Should you be unable to do this, it does not behove you to claim adherence to Islam. To assert verbally that you believe in God and His messenger but to set aside their injunctions in the affairs of your life in favour of other people's dictum, is neither Iman nor Islam. In fact it is downright hypocrisy.
    Allah has clearly stated in the twenty-fourth chapter of the Quran
    "Verily We have sent down revelations and explained them. Allah guideth whom He will unto a straight path. And they say: We believe in Allah and the messenger and we obey, then after that a faction of them turn away. Such are not believers. And when they appeal unto Allah and His messenger to judge between them. Lo! a faction of them are averse. But if right had been with them they would have come unto him willingly. Is there in their hearts a disease or have they doubts, or fear they lest Allah and His messenger should wrong them in judgement. Nay, but such are evil doers. The saying of (all true) believers, when they appeal unto Allah and His messenger to judge between them is only that they say : We hear and we obey. And such are the fortunate. He who obeyeth Allah and His messenger, and feareth Allah and keepeth duty (unto Him) : such indeed are the successful." (24: 46-52)
    Ponder over the definition of Iman set forth in the above verses. Real Iman consists in dedicating oneself to the Book of God and directions of His messenger. Whatever order is received from there, must be implicitly obeyed and nothing against it should be listened to, may it come from one's own mind or from the family members or from the worldly people. Only that person is Momin and Muslim who develops this state of mind. And whoever is devoid of it is no more than a hypocrite.
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    1. Abstinence from Wine

    You must have heard how rampant was drinking of wine in Arabia. Women and men, young and old, were fond of it. In fact they were used to it. They chanted songs in its praise and were mad after it. You know this fact also that it is difficult to give up drinking after getting addicted to it. A drunkard would rather give his life than stop drinking. If he does not get wine his condition becomes worse than that of a sick person.

    But have you heard what happened when the prohibition order was given through the Quran?

    On hearing this commandment those very Arabs who shed their life on wine broke its containers with their own hands. Wine was flowing in the lanes of Medina like rain-water. In one gathering some people were engaged in drinking as they heard the voice of the announcer on behalf of the Prophet (peace be on him) that wine was prohibited, their hands suddenly stopped where they were. Those who had the cup close to their lips removed it at once and did not allow a drop to reach their throats.

    This is the glory of Iman. This is called obedience to Allah and His messenger.

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    Default 2.Confession of crime

    2.Confession of crime

    You know what a severe punishment Islam has prescribed for adultery—one hundred stripes on the naked back, the very thought of which makes a person shudder. And if a married man is involved, his punishment is stoning to death

    . A man trembles to hear the very name of such a horrible punishment. But have you heard what was the condition of those who had Iman in their hearts?

    A man had committed adultery. There was no Witness. There was nobody to drag him to the court, nor was there anyone to make a report to the police. There was only Iman in his heart which admonished his heart which admonished him—

    "Now that you have satisfied your lust contravening the Law of God, get ready to undergo the punishment prescribed by God for it".

    So this person presented himself of his own accord before the Holy Prophet (peace be on him) and said:

    "0 Prophet of Allah I have committed adultery. Please award me punishment". On hearing this Prophet turned aside his face but that man shifted towards him and repeated his request. The Prophet again turned aside his head and this man again came before him and made the same request for the third time

    . This is Iman. It is easy for one who has Iman in-his heart to be punished with a hundred stripes on his naked back, or even get stoned to death, but it is difficult for him to go before God as a disobedient servant.

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    Post 4. Repentance from old customs

    4. Repentance from old customs

    You also know that Islam demolished practically all the old customs which were prevalent in Arabia. The biggest evil of all was idol-worship which had been in vogue for hundreds of years. Islam ordained to give up this, evil as well as wine, adultery, gambling, theft and dacoity which were generally rampant in Arabia. Women used to go about openly in Arabia. Islam ordered them to observe pardah. No share was given to women in inheritance. Islam decreed that they must get a share in it. Adopted children were given the position of real children.

    Islam rejected this equation and sanctified marriage with adopted son's divorced wife

    . In short, no old custom was left undemolished by Islam. But do you know what was the attitude of those who had affirmed faith in God and His messenger? These believers broke with, their own hands all those idols which they and their forefathers had prostrated for centuries and offered sacrifices at their altars. They renounced all those family customs which were coming down for centuries, at once

    . On receiving the commandment of God they crushed under their feet those objects which they held sacred, while, contrariwise they sanctified those things which they had previously regarded as detestable. Those objects which were considered pure for centuries became suddenly impure and vice versa. All those practices which during the days of Kufr were sources of benefit or relish were given up in the wake of God's commandment. All injunctions of Islam entailing stress and strain were gladly accepted.

    This is what means Iman and this is what is called Islam.

    If the people of Arabia had at that time said: "We do not accept that thing because it is harmful to us and we cannot give up the other thing as it is beneficial to us, and that we shall certainly do that particular thing since it is coming from our forefathers, while we like certain things of the Romans and certain practices of the Iranians which are pleasing to us, in short, if they had in this way rejected each and every thing of Islam, you can imagine there would have been no Muslim today in the world.

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    Post Way to God's Pleasure

    Way to God's Pleasure

    Brethren! It is state in the Quran

    "You will not attain unto piety until you sacrifice for God all that is dear to you"(3:92)

    This verse is the essence of Islam and Iman.

    The real grandeur of Islam lies in this very principle that whatever is dear to you must be sacrificed for the sake of God. You notice that in all the affairs of your life God's commandment beckons you towards one direction while your own self goads you toward mother direction.

    God commands you to do a certain deed but Nafs dissuades you by saying that it will cause trouble and loss.

    God forbids you from a certain act while Nafs instigate that it is highly delicious and of great benefit.

    One side God's pleasure and pitted against it is a whole world of gratification. In short, man confronts at every step two paths in lift

    One is the path of Islam and the other of Kufr and hypocrisy: One who discards everything of this world and bows to the commandment of God is the person who has adopted the pat of Islam. And one who sets aside God's commandment and fulfils the desires of his heart and temptations of the world the person who has taken to the path of Kufr or hypocrisy.

    Muslims of today

    The condition of the people today is that they glad accept whatever is convenient in Islam but when a real confrontation arises between Islam and Kufr, they quick change their direction.

    This weakness is found even among some great claimants to Islam. They will shout Islam, Islam their tongues will be dried up in extolling Islam; they will also do some ostentatious work for it, but if they are told

    "Let us enforce on ourselves the law of Islam which you are praising so much,"

    They will at once say: "There is the difficulty and that obstruction in it; better leave it for t time being".

    What they mean is that Islam is a beautiful toy, display it on the cupboard and sing its praises from a distance but avoid even its name about enforcing it as a law to govern ourselves, our family member and relatives and to regulate matters of business and other affairs of life.

    This is the condition of our religious people these days. The less we talk of the worldly people the better. It is the result of such an attitude that neither Salat is now effectual nor fasting nor Quran-recital nor the outward adherence to Shariah.

    The reason is that when the spirit is gone, what miracle can a soulless body perform?

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    You can read more"
    book:Fundamentals of Islam
    by S.Abdul A'ala Maududi.

    Prof. Muhammad Amin Javed
    (Managing Director)

    Islamic Publications (Pvt.) Ltd.

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