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    Harmfulness of factionalism

    You cannot assess what harm has been caused to Muslims by this factionalism. Merely to say the Muslims are one Ummah. There are eight crores of them in Hindustan. If such a big community were really united and worked hand in hand to raise aloft Allah's Kalima, who has the guts in the world to subdue them?

    But, in reality, due to this sectionalism this Ummah has been split into hundreds of factions.

    Their hearts are sore with each other. They cannot stand together even at the time of the gravest crisis.

    The Muslim belonging to one faction is as much, rather more, prejudiced against the Muslim belonging to another faction.

    There have been cases when a member of one Muslim faction sided with unbelievers to humiliate a member of another Muslim faction.

    In such a situation, don't be surprised to see Muslims overpowered and dominated upon.

    This is what they have earned by their own hands.

    (6:65) Say:

    "It is He Who has the power to send forth chastisement upon you from above you, or from beneath your feet, or split you into hostile groups and make some of you taste each others' violence.

    Behold, how We set forth Our signs in diverse forms, so that maybe they will understand the Truth".

    That is to say, one form of punishment is that Allah divides you into different groups and you finish yourselves by cutting each other's throat.


    This punishment which is being suffered by Muslims in the whole of Hindustan seems most pronounced in the Punjab. Here the intersections strifes of Muslims are the highest in number throughout the country, and it is due to this that in spite of your numerical majority in the Punjab, your strength is ineffectual. If you want your well-being, you must break these groups, live as brothers unto one another and become one united Ummah.

    There is nothing in the Shari`ah of God on the basis of which Ahl-i-Hadith, Hanafi, Deobandi, Brelvi, Shi`ah, Sunni etc. can constitute as separate Ummahs.

    These Ummahs are the product of ignorance.

    Allah made only one Ummah : "Ummah-e-Muslimah".

    1. These lectures were delivered in 1938 at Darul Islam, Pathankot, India before Partition.

    Book: Fundamentals of Islam (263 pages)

    -by S.Abdul A'Ala Maududi.

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