Detriments of not realizing difference between `Deen' and 'Shari`ah'

Now I want to tell you what harm is being caused to your community by not realizing the difference between Deen and Shariah


There are several modes of offering Salah among Muslims.

One Muslim rests his hands on the chest while another one puts them on the navel.

One man recites Surah Fatiha while praying behind the Imam and the other does not.

One man utters 'Amen' loudly while the other utters it in a subdued tone.

Each one of them is following the respective methods in full consciousness of the fact that this very method was followed by the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) and in support of it he has unimpeachable authority.

Therefore, both are followers of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) in spite of their modes of offering Salat being different.

But those unkind people who regard these problems of Shari‘ah as problems of Deen itself, have declared these differences in methods as variations in Deen.

They segregated their groups,

Isolated their mosques,

Hurled abuses at one another,

Forcibly drove their opponents from mosques,

Fought legal battles and split Rasulullah's Ummah into factions.

When even this did not appease the minds of cantankerous elements, they started, on small pretext, labelling each other as Kafir or sinner and heretic.

The position is that if a man evolves a principle according to his own understanding of the Quran and Sunnah, he does not confine it to himself but considers it necessary to impose it on others, and should they refuse to submit, he will ostracise them from God's Deen.

The different religious sects of Hanafi,

Shafi'i, Ahl-i*Hadith etc.

which you see among Muslims, all acknowledge the Quran and Hadith as final authority and draw injunctions therefrom according to their own understanding. May be that one sect's understanding is correct and that of the other one is incorrect.

I am also a follower of one of these systems and consider it correct and also argue with those who are opposed to it in order to explain to them what is correct in my view and prove wrong what I consider to be wrong.

But it is one thing if somebody's understanding is wrong and it is quite another thing to expel him from Deen

. Every Muslim has the right to follow Shari‘ah according to his understanding.

If ten Muslims follow ten different methods, all of them are surely Muslims as long as they believe in Shari`ah.

They constitute one Ummah and there is no reason at all for them to have the separate groups.

But those who do not under*stand this point split the community into different factions on paltry matters, get severed from each other, set apart their Salat and mosques, stop inter-marriages and inter-communi*cations and organise groups of co-factionists in such a manner as if each group is an Ummah by itself.