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    What is Zawal,why is it not recommended to do sajd at that time,what are the spiritual/metaphysical problems encountered at this time?
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    Assalam o Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah

    Zawal means decline or downfall. ALLAH (SWT) has said in the Holly Quran to offer the prayer after zawal. And now the Ulema and science have found out that there are more than one Zawal in one day. After every Zawal is the time for a compulsary prayer i.e. Fajr prayer is right after the zawal of night. Dhuhur is after the Zawal of Sun as the sun starts declining from its highest position in the sky. Asr if after the zawal of heat of sun its when the heat of sun starts to reduce. Maghrib is after the zawal of sun itself i.e. sun sets in the west and disappears. Isha is after the zawal of last sign of day light in the sky, when the day is completely swallowed by the night.

    For spiritual/metaphysical problems part of your question I hope someone else may give you the appropriate answer.


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