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Thread: So you think you're in Love

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    Default So you think you're in Love

    Is your love anywhere here?
    1.4 billion people live under the poverty line - 1.25 USD per day. 20000 Africans die needlessly everyday due to AIDS, malaria and TB. 1.02 billion people do not have enough to eat. 3/4s of this are rural poor farmers who will also bear the brunt of global warming.

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    Really, and my hat is off, truly humbling.

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    So he stays home to take care of his girlfriend. I have to wonder though... if he doesn't work and doesn't study, how will he support her later on? Does she have any prospects for recovery?

    It sounds like a rather stick situation.
    The image-obsessed, bloodthirsty, sensationalistic world outside your window is the real madhouse.

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