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    Lightbulb UI Forum Donation

    Peace to all,

    If you have not noticed we have placed a donation button right under the link in the upper right hand corner of the pages of this forum. This forum is a community of people with so many ideas and thoughts. It comprises of so many thinking people with diverse backgrounds and they are all here to share and to teach and learn. I believe this forum is a blessing because it gives all an opportunity to speak freely within the guidelines of proper decorum. I daresay this is the only Islamic forum of its kind and it shows in the posts and personalities here. We have our ups and downs but through it all there is so much learning and helping one another here. There is also genuine brotherly and sisterly love. This forum is a community and it is ours. We are the community and with that we have a responsibility to maintain it. Over the years we have done as much as we could to keep up the forum standards but now I ask that everyone join and assist with whatever they can to help this forum improve.

    Whatever you decide to help with will insha'Allah go to the benefit of the forum. Things like upgrading the forum to a more secure status, improving the look, add functionality and anything else that may come down the road. We welcome any amount and for that we thank you and pray for you. It is a promise and an oath that every penny will to the cause of the forum. In the future, when the UI website is running again, we will place the donation button there so that we can improve that also.

    Please accept our gratitude. Whatever you decide you are still in this community and part of this family.

    May God bless you all.

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    Suggestion: There should be a tiny bit more space between the new donation button and the button to the main UI site above, and the donation button should be centered below the UI button, instead of right justified.

    Zillions of people might be drawn to donate if you give that button better feng shui...

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    The placement of the button I believe is in best position. Placing it center right under the UI button is quite stupid for designer perspective. Left or right align should be ok.
    And of course the donation button icon should match the overall theme of the forum. Its looking quite funky presently. As for catching visitors attention, usually the donation sub-forum is created where you briefly tell about the whole forum/objective etc.
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