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Thread: Amendment to the Code of Conduct

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    Arrow Amendment to the Code of Conduct

    Hear ye, hear ye! An amendment has been made to the forum's code of conduct, as follows:

    'Members in violation of the code of conduct may receive an infraction, up to a maximum of three, and a fourth consecutive offense will result in a temporary suspension or permanent ban, as deemed fit by the moderating staff. The moderating staff reserves the right to respond to serious violations by immediately suspending or banning any member without warning or appeal.'

    Minor violations of the CoC will now be dealt with using the forum's infraction system. This is to aid the moderating staff in keeping track of repeat offenders, and is meant to ensure that all members are treated with fairness and consistency.

    Knowledge shrinks as wisdom grows.
    ~ Alfred North Whitehead

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    Default Re: Amendment to the Code of Conduct

    That sounds fair to me. Maybe this thread should be locked now (unless this is on for debate, which I suspect it isn't).
    "I spent thirty years learning manners, and I spent twenty years learning knowledge."

    ~ 'Abdullāh bin al-Mubārak (rahimahullah)

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    Actually, I had left the thread open in case there were questions, or suggestions, or some whippersnappers wanted to protest. Democracy, free speech and all that - it's such a hard habit to break. *sigh*

    Thread locked, per your suggestion, O Osymandius...
    Knowledge shrinks as wisdom grows.
    ~ Alfred North Whitehead

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