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Thread: Annoying editing problem!

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    Default Annoying editing problem!


    Why is there a restriction on editing one's post after a while?

    See you guys later, I'll be less active these days. If any brother or sister wants to contact me, feel free to PM.

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    It's for thread clarity.

    Usually, posts already present in the threads are overlooked -- it is assumed that the posts stay "as they were" -- and the thread conversation(s) continue with that assumption. If posts are continually re-edited after they've been posted, future discussions become very difficult to follow indeed. If a post is noticed to be erroneous upon re-inspection and post-edit-lock, you can simply enter a new post, correcting the faulty and/or erroneous information. Simple as that.
    If something defamatory or slanderous has been posted, the staff will take care of that. The original poster has time to correct simple spelling errors and such, though. Older posts -- I believe the cut-off is at 48 hours -- are locked, however.

    So, in short; it's for thread clarity. Nothing more, nothing less.


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