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    The story of Philosophy by Will Durant is an engaging account of the great philosophers of the world.It chronicles the ideas of the great thinkers,the economic and intellectual environments which influenced them,and the personal traits and adventures out of which each philosophy grew.It has also been translated into Urdu.

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    Salaam Aslam,

    do you know, off hand, if this text deals with the Eastern philosophers or just the Western types?


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    Just western!
    I have got another book"A history of Philosophy,western and Eastern"It seems to be highly erudite book but i have yet to muster my senses and time enough to read it.
    these days i,m reading "A history of Muslim philosphy"in 2 vols.It,s also available online( have yet to come across a more comprehensive book abou muslimphilosophy!

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    I write blogs every now and then on my philosophies and whatnot.

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    i have this book but always wonder why he left out the Muslim part - from the Greeks, it suddenly jumps to 1500s and thereabout..
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