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    what does islam say about oral sex between a muslim husband and wife.Is this allowed in islam;oral sex between husband and wife.Plz back up what you are saying with quotes from the quran plz.Thanks.This is very important to me.I need to know what the truth is.Thanks.

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    Please, don't repost your questions if they don't get answered. You can push them to the top if you reply to them with a posting.

    To answer your question, please follow these links:

    Regarding 'Oral Sex'
    Some Questions on Sexual Behavior
    Opinion on ‘Oral Sex’ and Clarity in the Style of Da`wah

    May Peace be with you.

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    from those 3 links i belive oral sex is allowed between a muslim husband and wife in islam.Do u guys agree or disagree with me?

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    plz let me know,do u agree with me that oral sex between husband and wife is allowed in islam???If so plz give some reasons why.Thanks.

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