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Thread: Roots of Militancy?

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    Default Roots of Militancy?

    In our neighbouring area,WANA,South Waziristan,Pak Army ia locked
    in a ferocious battle with militants(remnants of Taliban,Al-Qaeda).
    In the past one or two decades Muslim militant movements have been sweeping the Muslim World and they have convulsed Pakistan,Indonesia,Central Asia,India,ArabWorld etc,.What are the roots of this militancy?

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    I can tell you about one reason that is often overlooked: poverty, joblessness and hopelessness. More jobs=less militancy. If unemployment in Saudi Arabia was not 30% but something comparable to United States Al-Quaida would have never grown so strong. Afghanistan was Al-Quaida's best base ever because under Taliban it was the poorest country in the world or very close to the poorest.

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