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    hi i just want to know about working in promoting credit cards.Is this allowed in islam or not.I have been given an opportunity to work in credit card promotions.The career opportunities are fantastic with this company and there is a chance for a lot of money to be earned.However i just want to know whether it is allowed in islam to work in credit card promotions.Plz let me know.Thanks.

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    Check out this link. I hope it answers your question in some way.

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    Dear brothers


    The issue of Credit Card has been under discussion and many Islamic Scholars have expressed their point of view regarding Credit Cards and its usage.But your issue is different since you are not using the Credit Card but are working for a Credit Card Company to promote its service.
    Before presenting my point of view, i would appreciate if you eleborate on the function of your job.According to my understanding, i dont think their is any harm in promoting Credit Card of a perticular company unless and until the employee personally involves in the interest based contract of the company but the problem is that
    in the Qur'an Allah forbids any kind of involvment in the interest based transactions whether it is indirect or direct involvment.
    We have to see that whether your job falls in the catagory of the verses of the Qur'an which explicitly and directly forbids any kind of involvment in Riba(interest).

    But please donot take my opinion as 100% accurate since iam a human being and human beings are as you know fallible and neither iam a Scholar who could give you much better information on it.
    I have just expressed my opinion on your question and it could be questionable.I would recommand you to consult a Mr. Moiz Amjad Sahab or any other member of UI team.

    Read Qur'an because Qur'an gives the criterion which distinguishes between right and wrong.

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