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Thread: Symptoms of Doomsday (Qiyamat)

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    Default Symptoms of Doomsday (Qiyamat)

    Nowadays, in a program namely "Hidden Truths", being telecast at "ARY One World", the hadiths telling the events, which would happen before "Qiyamat" are being discussed.

    I have the following question regarding that:

    In the holy Quran it has been written clearly regarding happening of "Qiyamat" that only God knows about it and whenever "Qiyamat" would come, it will be "all of sudden."

    My question is: "In the light of above, do we believe in those hadiths which deal with the issue of "Qiyamat"?

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    The Ahadith do not tell us the exact timings of the Qayamat but it tells us different events/signs that will occur in the era near Qayamat. The exact date and timing is only in the knowledge of ALMIGHTY ALLAH. You can read my thread titled
    " Ethnic cleansing of pashtoons in afghanistan..."

    The war in afghanistan and now the recent killings in Wana is also related to those signs. The pashtoons are being killed as Imam Mehdi will be from them and the pashtoons will form a major part of his army that will fight Dajjal(antiChrist)

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