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    Default the taweez(this is from

    The wearing of Taweez is permissible but it is best to abstain since the Taweez tends to shift one’s focus of Tawakkul away from Allah Ta’ala.

    Initially, Rasulullah (Sallallaahu Alayhi Wasallam) had prohibited the use of any form of Ruqyah (Taweez) due to the people’s ignorance and close contact with Shirk. He later on permitted the use of Ruqyah.

    and Allah Ta'ala Knows Best

    Mufti Muhammad Kadwa

    This proves it.Wearing a taweez is allowed in islam and it is not a sin.

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    Ruqyah is when a person reads the Quran for you with the intention of asking God to cure you from illness.

    Taweez is an object that is worn thinking that wearing it will help you.

    There is a big difference. Ruqyah is halal. Taweez is forbidden.

    No object has the power to help you... but Ruqyah is the use of God's words and that does.

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    'The wearing of Taweez is permissible' .This phrase proves that wearing a taweez is allowed in islam.Also may i point out the mufti says ruqyah(taweez),this phrase shows they are both the same.Wearing a taweez is allowed in islam!

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    I heard a talk by Bilal Philips wherein he pointed out that the correct translation of Ruqyah is as wskanaan mentions. He opined that translating it as Taweez was incorrect.

    I think that word (ruqyah) makes the difference between the 2 opinions

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    a taweez is where Allah's words are always close to my heart.Whats wrong with that according to islam?

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