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Thread: Azab-e-Qabr(punishment in the grave)

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    Default Azab-e-Qabr(punishment in the grave)

    There is no mention of punishment in the grave in the
    Quran but there is only a passing mention of an immediate
    punishment of Pharoah and his people(like in sura Anfal).
    But there is large number of ahadith,scary and hair-raising,
    about Azab-e-Qabr. These ahadith suggest that an inmate of grave
    encounters enormous snakes, scorpions and gigantic angels
    (nakir and munkir)thrashing the inmates.Does not Azab-e-qabar negates
    te basic principles of justice.How should a person could be subjected
    to punishment without hisab kitab(trial)?

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    I think your answer lies in this link. I believe it covers all your questions.


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