vBulletin posting tags

Assalamu alaykum,

Many new members -- and perhaps old ones, too -- may find posting to the vBulletin board a bit bewildering. Here's a little something to ease the pain of wading thru page after page of boring techno lingo, also known as the ancient and nowadays almost compeletely forgotten technique called "reading the manual".

Anyhow, here's a primer.


When formatting the posts, the vBulletin forum uses predefined "words" as guidance when displaying a post. These words are known as "tags". Most of these tags can make your post more easy to read and will thus aid you in getting the actual message of the post across. Further, it's a nice gesture, I'm sure you agree.


Character tags are words placed inside square brackets, for instance [B] for bold, [I] for italics and [U] for underlining. All text between the opening and closing tags will be formatted.


Text alignment is done with the [LEFT], [RIGHT] and [CENTER] tags.

This text:

Right side.

was placed inside [RIGHT] tags, whereas this text:

Centered text.

was placed inside [CENTER] tags.

Left side alignment is default alignment. If you do not specify an alignment, all text begins at the left side of the post.


The indent tag formats the entire text between the tags. If you write [INDENT]Indented text.[/INDENT], it will end up looking like this:

Indented text.


Some of the tags perform more advanced tasks than simple character formatting. Here are a few useful ones.


The List Tag is a complicated one, but it can bring a lot of clarity to pretty much any post. Lists can be numbered or bulleted. Lists are bulleted by default, so if you don't specify a list type, you will end up with a bulleted list. If you specify a numbered list, however, with the [LIST=1] tag, the list will be a sequentially numbered list. Each "item" in the list is preceded by a [*] tag.

Confusing? I bet it is. The below examples might clarify.


A bulleted list is created with the [LIST] tag. Below is a list with three items. In order to create it, I wrote:

[LIST][*]Item 1[*]Item 2[*]Item 3[/LIST]

In a post, it looks like this:

  • Item 1
  • Item 2
  • Item 3


A numbered list is created by simply using the tag [LIST=1], instead of the usual list tag. The code is this:

[LIST=1][*]Item 1[*]Item 2[*]Item 3[/LIST]

Note the "=1" in the list tag. Also note that you do not need to specify the item number, vBulletin does all the work for you. It looks like this:
  1. Item 1
  2. Item 2
  3. Item 3


When you click the "" button, the forum engine quotes the entire post, exactly as it should. This is done by Quote Tags. What was that, I hear you say? Ok, it goes like this:

If you want to quote a passage from a previous post, all you need to do is "surround" the text-to-be-quoted with quote tags. Example; if I write

[QUOTE]Text snippet to be quoted.[/QUOTE]

in a post, it will end up looking like this:

Text snippet to be quoted.
Further, if I want to clarify who wrote the quote, I can write


and it will end up looking like this:

Quote Originally Posted by Ratatosk
To complicate matters further, you can even link to the post containing the quote from the quote. So, if I write (note the number, it's the number of the actual post)

[QUOTE=GridLok;62633]Oh boy![/QUOTE]

an arrowed, clickable blue block will denote a link to the post and it will end up looking like this:

Quote Originally Posted by GridLok View Post
Oh boy!


Hyperlinks -- links to other websites or posts -- are another complicated matter. Web links are made with the [URL] tag. All text in the [URL] tag will be treated as a link. If you only write an URL in a post, the vBulletin software will automatically create the required tags. You can, however, add a "user friendly" blurb for the link, like so:

[URL=http://www.google.com]Click here for Google[/URL]

Note how the words "Click here for Google" are placed before the [/URL] closing tag. In the post, it will look like this:

Click here for Google

IMPORTANT: please use the "Preview message" function before you send your post(s). That way you can be assured that your post(s) display correctly.


I hope this helps.