How to attend the University of Cut & Paste
Studying and Attendance Guide

  • Please avoid lengthy discussions at the University. The UoC&P is not meant as a place for discussion nor is it a debate arena, it is mainly a collection of articles, links and texts -- some relevant to current topics, some timeless.
  • The UoC&P is chiefly a resource for reading and online studying. If you would like to discuss some of the posted articles or links, you are encouraged to do so, but please open the discussions in some of the relevant forums. Comments and footnotes are welcome, but outright discussions should primarily take place in the designated arena.
  • Topics which are primarily meant as an opening to a discussion will -- at the staff's discretion -- be moved to the appropriate forums without notice.

Note: please follow international copyright and intellectual property laws when providing material. Also refrain from using the University as a soapbox. The UoC&P is not exempt from the Code Of Conduct.