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Thread: Some things not discovered yet.

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    that is soo beautiful!!!
    truly Qur'an is the greatest source of knowledge!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mastermind1 View Post
    Dear Brother Al-Ikhwan

    You have started a nice topic in this thread, i hope you wont mind if I contribute a bit to this thread.

    Apart from the facts which all my brothers have mentioned here, their are other facts in the Qur'an which have not been proved yet by the Modern Scientific Research or they have not reached at that point yet , like "soul" , I think their were some attempts made by the past observers and Scientists to discover what soul is but their efforts failed. I have heard that during the time of Pheraoh,once the servants of Pheraoh took a body(which was in coma) to their preservation room ,they kept the body in a box covered with a glass inorder to trap the soul ,but as soon as that body completely lost its breath, suddenly a crack appeared in the glass.

    I dont know whether the Modern Scientists and Observers have tried any kind of experiment on soul but Iam pretty sure if they do that, their efforts will bear no fruit because it is something which is beyond the scope of Science and Technology.

    Soul, jinns, Allah himself, the Flying Spaghetti monster, etc., are all undiscovered by science. Has it ever occurred to you that a possible explanation for that is that such fantastical entities don't exist?

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