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Thread: Obligatory Salah in Divine Quran

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    Default Obligatory Salah in Divine Quran

    The irrefutable scripture of Quran is revealed for the guidance to distinguish between the right and wrong. Reciting and contemplating the verses of Quran removes the infinitesimal of doubt from the minds regarding the divinity of Quran and the commandments enlisted in its connotations. Islam is based upon five significant pillars out of which Salah is of paramount importance, which discerns a Muslim from the idolater as narrated in Hadith:

    “The difference between a man (Muslim) and shirk and kufr is the abandoning of Salah.” [Sahih Muslim]

    • Offering Salah establishes taqwa, which resides in heart. Taqwa is the firm belief, fright, and awareness regarding the oneness of Allah Almighty and witnessing His sheer supremacy. Quran clearly states that for the establishment of piety Salah is the vital ingredient and those are close to Allah who are high in Taqwa. [Surah Baqarah]

    • Offering Salah is the sign of true believer to which Quran e Majeed attest as the ones who are protecting friends of one another, enjoys good and forbids bad, obeys Allah and His messenger and offer Salah are the true believers. [Surah Tawba]

    • Namaz or Salah safeguards from everything that can incur Allah’s wrath and will shield against evil and odds at the Day of reckoning. Quran clearly mentions that those who offer Salah upon them will be having no grieve on the day of eternity. [Surah Baqarah]

    • Faith bearers who establish Salah and relinquish lewdness upon them will be the countless and innumerable favors of Lord. Invoking Allah five times a day reinvigorates the bond with Allah and imparts Allah’s favors leading to the enhancement in the piety for a believer. [Surah Ash Shura]

    To grasp all the aforementioned blessings the fundamental thing is to perform Salah in accordance to Sunnah.

    • Ablution for the physical cleansing.

    • Intention for soul purification as deeds eventually will be rewarded on the intentions one makes.

    • Takbeer along Rakuh, Qayam and Sajdah.

    During entire ritual of Salah the recommended thing is lower gaze and looking at the place of prostration which acts a s a focal point in order avoid distraction of attention whilst Salah offerings. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said that:

    “The prophet (S.A.W) said, worship Allah as if you see Him, and if you cannot achieve this state of devotion then you must consider that He is looking at you.” [Bukhari]

    Salah is not completed until the believer recites some part of verse from Quran for Allah’s glorification. Once finish Salah, recites supplication, seek Allah’s mercy and ask refuge in every calamity and ordeals. Quran recitation daily after Salah and make it a habit because the beloved Prophet narrated that:

    “Salah will not be completed until the glorification of Allah and his praise has been uttered. Thereafter read from the Quran whichever place he likes to.” [Abu Dawud]

    Offer Salah and glorify the Lord so that you may include among the distinct worshippers in sight of Allah Almighty.

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    Default Re: Obligatory Salah in Divine Quran

    O you who have believe, seek help through patience and prayer. Indeed, Allah is with the patient ones.” (2:153)

    If difficulty strikes then the best course of action is to perform two rakats of salah and make a sincere dua, asking Allah swt for help and the removal of the difficulty.
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    Default Re: Obligatory Salah in Divine Quran

    It comes in Bukhari that when (obligatory) salah is prayed in congregation the reward is multiplied by 27 times.
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