Parenthood is a proud and auspicious moment, intertwined with enormous responsibility of teens teaching for their productive upbringing. Living in the epoch of technology where the essence of relations has ruined by the materialistic approach that we have adopted from west. Lingering between finding ourselves and copying western culture blindly, in this battle, we utterly render our identity, which is now quite hard to retain. In this entire process of self-scrutiny, we have lost out kids somewhere, the ones who will be the source of salvation and a left treasure at the day of reckoning.

If we peep into our Islamic narrations then we will find how sacred responsibility is becoming a parent and taking care of kids whilst bringing them according to Quran and Sunnah. Hadith states:

“Allah (SWT) will ask every caretaker about the people under his care and the man will be asked about the people of his household.” [Sunan Abu Da’ud]

With big relations come big responsibilities that parents are lacking these days and have taken lenient. Consider following tips Insha’Allah will change the course of direction and will help in raising teen productively.

1. First Step: Build Friendly Relation:

The story of Karachi teen’s suicide was an eye opening for all parents that put a big question mark on their responsibilities. Do not leave your kids alone and keep keen eye on their activities without letting them realize about critical clapped eye suspicion. The best gift will be to impart the significance of Islam and its teaching but in a fun and interactive way. Every teen falls for enrich graphical and maverick games what if the same frames be incorporated in Smartphone App and help them learn the basic supplications that are crux of Islamic teachings? Kids Dua now is one such app that can work wonders for teens.

2. Second Step: Open New Portals:

Teens are ostentatious to learn and curious towards new information. The age when they are discovering the new heights of comic series and idealizing Berry the flash their hero it is indeed the best time to make them familiarize of something which can open portals of blessings and invigorate their connection with Allah. Muslims Dua now is one such complete package entailing supplication along blessings in a wide range covering every aspect.

3. Step Three: Teaching Purpose of Life:

Creation holds purpose and nothing on this earth is without any motive, accountability upon every embarked blessing is the main theme that teens must know. Teach them about five pillars of Islam, significance of Tawheed, Ramadan blessings and Duas, Hajj and Umrah virtues and the purpose of striving in path of Allah for seeking mercy in order to vividly elaborate meanings of life on earth.
Prepare them for Salah and teach them Salah prayers in an easy way by shedding light on the fact that Salah will be the first thing that a Muslim will be asked after his death. For obligatory prayers there are certain obligatory Duas, which makes Salah easy to practice like Dua e Qanoot App.

4. Step Four: Teach them How to Walk the Talk:

Statement is not a jest but a true depiction for becoming perfect Muslim being. Teaching kids not to lie and then lying over phone that Husband is not at home instill confusion and make them fall for fluke stories. Walk whatever you talk in front of them and be a role model by practicing the Sunnah of Prophet, which will help teens to develop the love and respect for Prophet. Life of Prophet Muhammad is one sheer guide in an App that will help in raising kids accordingly.

5. Step Five: Do Not Tight the Noose:

When teach them all then let them practice it in their convenient way by keeping in mind that Islam is against hardships in its customs and practices. Avoid strict behavior and if they do not listen, lull them with their favorite feats revealing the drastic results, which they will face if inflicted with wrath of Allah. The fear of Allah in hearts is one true attribute, which will help teens to compliance with what have injected in their minds. Trick is: Let them practice with contented heart not with the fear of adversity!

Above are easy tips for molding teens according to Islamic dogmas. Endow on these assets properly so that they can return investment with maximum profit at the Day of Resurrection.