Every surah of Quran is equally significant because of its message. There are some surahs in Quran which can be useful for Muslims to recite on special occasions. Surah yasin the heart of Quran is one of the blessed surah of Quran which brings peace into heart of Muslims.

Application Features
Surah yasin includes these important features.

1.Read verse by verse full surah yaseen/yasin in Arabic with translation and transliteration.
2.Choose from 3 available Languages at start of application to read surah yasin.
3.Tap the last read option to get to previously reading ayat of surah yasin.
4.Listen beautiful audio recitation in voice of Abdul Rahman Al Sudais and Mishary Rashid Al-Afasy.
5.Select translation and transliteration feature to view surah yasin translation and transliteration.
6.Choose from 13 available languages like Urdu, English and Persian to view translation of surah yasin.
7.Use settings option to customize attractive font size, color and background color.
8.Tap the play button to listen surah yasin audio recitation in mp3.
9.Tap the benefits and blessings feature to read complete benefits of surah yaseen.
10.Share the application using sharing option on twitter and facebook.

There are many authentic Hadiths which can signify the importance of surah yasin as the heart of Holy Quran.