Quran Reading is a Smartphone application assisting Muslims to effortlessly learn Quran from every respect. It offers outstanding characteristics of Translation, Transliteration and Audio Recital making sure absolute learning.Download this free and easily understandable application of Quran Reading to learn about the commands of the Holy Quran in the most favored manner.


  • All 114 Surahs of the Holy Quran are incorporated.
  • Beautiful Audio Recitation of every chapter.
  • Quran Translation into various languages such as English, Urdu, French, Chinese, Dutch, Spanish, Persian, Italian, and Indonesian.
  • Transliteration option transfers the Arabic text as it is into English.
  • Search Bar aids in looking for any specific Chapter.
  • Go To choice assists in moving to an individual Ayah.
  • Bookmarks lets user to keep any portion of the narration marked so as to continue reading from exact place again.
  • Stop Signs are also specified in conjunction with their connotation.
  • 14 Sajdahs are affirmed to inform about their definite places of incident during Quran Recitation.
  • Font Size and Font Styles can be modified as per one`s own liking.
  • Save and Reset selections help to save and rearrange any changes.