Surah Al Kahf is a learning based application with complete recitation, interpretation, and transliteration. This application has been made keeping in view, the significance of Surah Kahf for Muslims. Surah Kahf is the eighteenth bit of the Holy Quran. To give a straightforwardness to Muslims the Surah is open for bleeding edge cells as an application. Surah Al-Kahf, a simple to utilize application is being given to you to get the upgrades of Allah Almighty by identifying with your contraptions. This is an astonishing plot application with sound recitation of the Surah Al-Kahf. The application is plainly not hard to use for every season of the single person.

Translation: Translation of Surah Kahf in English is given in this application.
Transliteration: Transliteration of Surah is also pushed in Surah Al Kahf.
Reciters: Recitation of Surah Al Kahf by 2 observable reciters, Al Afasy and Ghamdi.
Customization: Optimization decision for a theoretical style shading, content estimation and establishment shading is open in the settings. You can in like route single out the inaccessible chance that you have to show illumination and transliteration or not.
Go to Ayah: Specify which ayah you have to go to by system for hunting down ayah number.

Surah Al Kahf is an especially unfaltering application for all Muslims as it highlights a champion amongst the most read Surahs of Holy Quran. Dissected Surah Kahf as often as would be reasonable, straight from your cell phone, and reason for excitement from its multitudinous favors from Allah.