Surah Yousaf is a Quranic Surah which is open in a smartphone. It embodies complete recitation of 111 Ayahs of this Quranic Chapter, which was revealed on the Messenger (PBUH) of Allah in Makkah. The application is open for both Android and iPhone.


Verifiable the most seeing properties of this Smart Phone application area:

1. Both Reading and listening choices are open.
2. Audio is offered in two voices of uncommon Quran Reciters, "Al-Ghamidi" and "Al-Sudais".
3. "Go To" choice take you to a specific Ayah.
4. "Translation" choice serves to loosen up the Arabic substance in English.
5. "Transliteration" decision gives as it is wording of Arabic substance in English.
6. You can alter the "Substance size".
7. Separate sets of "Substance, style Styles" are progressing.
8. "Content style Colors" with Black, Blue and Red available to pick.
9. You can in like way change the "foundation Color" with 3 light shades.
10. Do not imprudence to keep any balanced decision helpful with "Extra" Option.
11. You can in like route repair the application to beginning settings with "Reset" elective.
12. Distribute this delightful application with your mates and acquaintances with countless decisions.