Last twenty Surahs application is a progressive application composed by which help recounting short length Surahs of Quran in a creative way. Today Smartphone's are pretty much in span of everybody, individuals who don't have enough time to peruse from Quran they can introduce 20 Surahs application on their telephone. Quranic Surahs application is accessible for both Android and iOS gadgets and totally free of expense.
Staying in contact with Quran won't just help decontaminating your psyche and soul additionally brings you closer to Allah (SWT). Each section in Quran has its own criticalness and profits.



Last 20 Surahs app contains these Surahs in it At-Teen,Al-Alaq,Al-Qadr,Al-Bayyina,Az-Zalzala,Al-Adiyat,Al-Qariah,At-Takathur,Al-Asr,Al-Humaza,Al-Fil,Quraysh,AL-Maun,Al-Kawthar,Al-Kafiroun,An-Nasr,Al-Masad,Al-Ikhlas,Al-Falaq,Al-Nas.
Quran MP3:
Recitation of Surahs in Arabic is incorporated. You can listen to the recitation whenever you need. The recitation is clear and satisfies all the guidelines of Tajweed.
Interpretation in English:
Every Surah is deciphered in English for better comprehension of the expression of Allah.
Transliteration in English:
To make it simpler for individuals who are new to Arabic dialect, transliteration is incorporated for each Surah. So you can read the Surah regardless of the fact that you don't know how to peruse them in Arabic.