Sahih Bukhari is an application that made a life easier by neglecting the hectic job to search from books or internet. The application provides the complete Sahih Bukhari book in smart phones with the ability to search hadith by just adding single word or a sentence. Sahih Bukhari in English is very helpful app for every Muslim who wishes to follow Sunnah in their daily life. The app also provides you the instruction about how to use the app and also gives user the privileges to adjust font size color and theme. To download Sahih Bukhari hadith collection links are given below:

Following are the great features of the application:

  • A brief introduction of Sahih Bukhari book is given in introduction section.
  • Complete series of Sahih Bukhari hadith collection is added.
  • User can easily search a hadith by adding a word or sentence.
  • User can add the hadith in the list of favorites to read it later.
  • “Hadith of the Day” feature provides daily hadith with remainder.
  • The person can share hadith to his/her social accounts like facebook and twitter.
  • User can also share this application with other Muslim brothers and sisters.