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Sahih Muslim App - Complete Hadith Book
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Thread: Sahih Muslim App - Complete Hadith Book

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    Default Sahih Muslim App - Complete Hadith Book

    Sahih Muslim is one of the authentic Ahadith collections. These Hadith are collected by Imam Muslim. Hadith are mention with their narrator name. Sahih Muslim application contains complete books of Sahih Muslim. This application is very help full of those who want to learn the Hadith of Sahih Muslim. Sahih Muslim keeps you close to the religion. This application provides you many feature which helps you can compare your daily work with Sunnah. You can download Sahih Muslim from following links:

     You can learn Hadith from one of the authentic source of Hadith.
     You don’t have to carry heavy books .just download this app.
     By Spreading Sunnah you can collect reward from ALLAH (SWT).
     You can also consult it if you have any confusion about any Sunnah of Holly Prophet(PBUH).
     This app contains 57 books and further divided in chapter so that you can learn Hadith about specific topic.
     You can set Daily Hadith reminder so that everyday you receive random Hadith.
     You can also search any Hadith by word or its reference.
     you can set favorite any Hadith so that you can directly access next time.
     Navigation bar helps you while reading any Hadith.
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