Quran Teaching is essential for every Muslim to learn about Islam. Teaching of Quran is a first step for your kid towards the learning of Quran. In this hectic daily routine life where everyone’s seems busy, you are unable to get enough time to teach Quran to your kids.
Last 20 Surahs mobile app helps to teach your kid the last 20 Surahs of Quran along with recitation, translation and transliteration. These Surahs are short and your kid can easily memorize those Surahs. The app is not only helpful for kids but also for elders. Mostly elders already memorize these Surahs, because they are recited in almost every prayer.
Quran is in Arabic language but Arabic is the the mother tongue of every Muslim. Muslims lives in every part of the world. For this reason when your kid start reading Quran. He/she faces difficulty in reading. By analyzing this problem Quran Reading developed provides 3 main features of the app. These are:
• Recitation
• Translation
• Transliteration

You can listen the recitation of Surahs in a beautiful and heart touching voice of Islamic scholars and it also teaches you how to pronounce Arabic word correctly.
Translation feature helps in understanding the meaning of verses in English language.
You can also start teaching your kid with transliteration feature if he or she having problem in reading Quranic Surahs in Arabic language.
This application unlike many other Islamic apps is free of cost and available for Android and iPhone devices. Download this app and start teaching Quran to your Kids.