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    Hadith Nawawi is a set of 40 hadith collected by Imam An-Nawawi. Nawawi who was known as a prestigious Muslim scholar of medieval ages devoted all of his life for Islamic research. He lived forty five years and had never married. Forty hadith is his outstanding piece of work which is authentic from Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim. Nawawi forty hadith is recognized by every Muslim scholar throughout history because of its originality.
    Hadith which is sayings and traditions of Hadrath Muhammad (PBUH) is an open source of guidance for every individual Muslim. To lead a successful life following the sayings of our Holy Prophet should be followed. This will be achieved by learning and understanding each hadith.

    Islamic Education is Key:
    Learning and understanding Hadith is not a difficult task. Hadith authentic books are available in most of all modern languages, especially in English. It must be a prime duty for a Muslim parent to give his kids full knowledge of Islam specifically Quran and Hadith. Teaching hadith may be difficult for parents and it will require hiring a separate teacher for them, which is an extra burden on our limited budget.

    Technology is Solution:
    Apart of hiring teacher we can find alternatives for this issue. Solution is simple. Using the modern technology we can change things in our own interest. For example there are number of websites that offer Islamic education services like QuranReading.com and Qurantutor.com for some dollars a month. But here is another good solution your Smartphone. You will find dozen of educational apps in this respect. 40 Hadith-e-Nawawi Mobile app is what you need.

    What inside 40 Hadith App?
    Forty Hadith e nawawi is the digital form of Nawawi compilation. Purpose of hadith app is to bring comfort in your life and you learn through your mobile while going nowhere. Nawawi app comes with number of features. It has unique design that helps interacting throughout the application without making oneself bored. The theme which is a combination of eye catching color combination makes this app reputable among all other similar applications.

    Rich with Features:
    All forty hadith are explained in details with Arabic script. For those who cannot understand Arabic, developers introduce English translation along with transliteration. For good and accurate pronunciation each hadith is embedded with playback voice. You can listen them and then try to repeat in your own words. Forty hadith nawawi app will notify you every day with Hadith of the Day message in order to enhance your learning speed. Hadith app is a full package and you do not need extra downloads. With number of features in a single app, you can download hadith app for free. Bothe Android and iOS device are capable for this app.
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