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    United Muslim States

    Like individuals, nations also born and die, and disappear from the landscape. This phenomenon is also as old as the phenomenon of birth and death of individual has been. And one can say that the ping pong of birth and death of nations has been parallel to the birth and death of individuals in a way.
    However, if the birth and death of an individual having its own reasons, of course the birth and death of a nation also have its own. There is a sharp contrast also between the birth and death of an individual and a nation.
    Individual dies whenever soul parts way with the respective body given any reason. On the contrary a nation dies whenever it looses way with the competent leadership.
    Individual is bound to die whenever its quota of breathing ends. On the other hand nation dies whenever its competent leadership ends.
    Individual’s death is not avoidable, whereas nations death is always not only avoidable but recoverable as well, as the world history would reveal.
    Individual corporal being disappears after his death but quite unlikely, nations death does not indicate disappearance of the entire population. And this is why that even considerable population of the 'archived' ancient nations are still living but so far living as nations are concerned they do not exist.
    Once upon a time Mongolia was a formidable nation and empire; Mongol Empire, the biggest ever in terms of size; more or less was comprised of China, Russia, Iran, Baghdad, India, Afghanistan, Korea, Tibet, Germany, Hungry and Poland under her founder, Genghis Khan (1167-1227AD), but now it is history. Despite the presence of that nation her population and territory, right today, conversely no one knows anything about the same nation (viz the outer & inner Mongolia) as a country. Outer Mongolia is comprised of 15,66,500 sq km territory, with fair and manageable population 27,51,314 along with ideal density, 1.8 persons per sq km and overwhelming majority viz 90 percent peoples has the same ethnicity and nativity and has also got an ideal homogeneous Mongolian racial composition. Halh (Khalkha), which is 90 percent of the total population constitute nearly the entire population, while other ethnic Mongols exist in very small numbers. Other groups are the Qazaks, Dorvods, Chinese, and Russians. But nevertheless today they try harder for survival and can hardly maintain the trivial number of 8,600 troops. Her per capita GDP is only U.S $460 and with meagre, 4 percent paved road of the total roads. And one finds no mention in the gamut of nations, like a poor dead man finds no place in people chat.
    So far inner Mongolia is concerned and which is comprised of 2,37,60,000 huge population, much larger than the population of "Outer Mongolia" has been under China's control, which is also called "Nei Mongol Autonomous Region" comprised of 11,77,500 sq km, little less than her total one half.
    I mean to emphasise that it has neither been a nation nor a system that dies, it has always been the relevant leading personas, whose death or dearth entails the death of a nation or system. Now I wish for readers' attention towards a live example.
    Just toss a glance over the Muslim world, its incomparable religion, ideal ideology, extended territories, colossal population, strategic locations, armies, war machines, missiles, nukes, vigor, living bombers, lots of zealots, scientists, scholars, lands, waters, skies, space, seas, straits, channels, islands, harbors, sources, resources, surfeit assets, its splendid history, glowing past and the prevailing downhearted present.
    This is also a historical fact that Muslims have never but fought against larger and stronger enemies in terms of men & means throughout the history.
    Muslims have never outnumbered the enemy in terms of men & means but nonetheless Muslims won almost all the wars in the past, when they were not afflicted with the dearth of the leadership, which always matters inevitably.
    Now it is first time in history that Muslims has either outnumbered or can outnumber the enemy in terms of a number of aspects, but nevertheless Muslims can't move to get rid of a fly constantly buzzing over their face. What is the mystery behind this miserable state of affairs? Simply because the dearth of competent leadership, it is alone the critical dynamic!
    Other factors are simply collateral in nature and none of them are crucial.
    If the 57 Muslim countries which are members of the OIC (lying on deathbed) become agree sincerely & positively just on common currency, foreign policy and defense they can become the world power right today, without much doing or sharing any thing else.
    When one sees the sources and resources of so called Muslim World one want to cry over the misery of Muslim World.
    Right today the total area, population and number of personnels of armed forces of 57 Muslims countries (viz Afghanistan, Albania, Algeria, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Benin, Brunei, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Chad, Comoros, Côte d'Ivoire, Djibouti, Egypt, Gabon, Gambia, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Guyana, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Kyrgyz Republic, Lebanon, Libya, Malaysia, Maldives, Mali, Mauritania, Morocco, Mozambique, Niger, Nigeria, Oman, Pakistan, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Senegal Sierra Leone, Somalia, Sudan, Suriname, Syria, Tajikistan, Togo-Tunisia, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Uganda, United Arab Emirates, Uzbekistan, Yemen) are;
    3,11,27,496 sq km,
    1,45,22,32,168 (population) and 52,14,800 personnels respectively.
    On the other hand the total Area, population and number of personnels of armed forces of USA, are;
    1,70,75,200 sq km,
    14,41,12,350 (population) and
    9, 60,600 (personnels) respectively.
    Likewise that of China are; 95,71,300 sq km,
    1,29,46,29,600 (population) and 22,50,000 personnels respectively.
    And that of Russia are;
    1, 70,75,200 sq km,
    14,41,12,350 (population) and 9,60,600 (personnels) respectively.
    Thus none in these three world powers would match the 'United States of Islam' (UMS) in terms of so many facets and as such having got the pivotal position the UMS would be have say and play vital role in the world affairs particularly for the benefit of themselves and generally for the benefit of the suffering humanity.
    For, after having materialised the dreaming of the UMS all the three
    world powers shall try their utmost for winning the hearts of Muslims instead of consuming the heads of Muslims.
    In terms of surfeit assets I would like to refer to simply one caption of only one Muslim country, Saudi Arabia. Her GDP is: $188.5 billion and GDP per capita: (U.S. $) $8,610 (according to figures of 2002). According to official figure published in blogs and printed media this can be stated in a simple manner like so; she has invested three trillion US $ in the US stock exchange and three trillion US $ in US banks for the last more than 30 years and currently apart from other colossal state assets and personal deposits in banks, monitory institutions and stock exchanges in the US and the world over. And during the recent and current sky rocketing prices of Petroleum and products, Saudi Arabia has earned extraordinarily than the the usual earning.
    I don't want to suggest that any Arab wealthy country should either share their wealth or economy with the rest of poor Muslims countries. I suggest only adopting common foreign policy, currency and defence for the benefits of Muslim World, provided they decide to live lively.
    I know and is fully convinced that I am fond of day dreaming but there is no doubt that together we can become strong, secure live with great honor in the comity of nations, play vital role for the benefits of mankind, make a success story this life as well as the hereafter and else we will be weak, insecure, can't or live with humiliation and play no role even for us let alone others. Together we can survive and thrive and else we will scatter and would be trashed out. Together we can skip the awaiting hell or else we fell in the hell, awaiting.
    aftab alam advocate (High Court)

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