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Thread: Non Trinity Trinitarism vs non Association Filiation!

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    Quote Originally Posted by naderM View Post

    When Jesus speaks of the glory he "had" before the foundation of the world in that verse from John, it doesnt say Jesus preexisted with God. The preexistence of Jesus' glory with God is like God's reward to believers preexisting in Col1:5,1Pet1:4,Matt25:34. So Jesus is asking for this preexisting reward to be given now that he reached the end of his mission. Neither the believers, nor Jesus are gods for having their reward and glory preexisting with God. Also in v1-3 Jesus says there is only one true God who He addressed as Father, he is seperating himself from God.
    No, you are using semantics to interpret the Bible. Christians are the ones who Allah says should judge what is written therein. He says we can do nothing but stand on what has been revealed to us from the Torah and gospel. Jesus didn't preexist with God as flesh and blood or as man, but as the spirit of the word of God.

    There was never a time God was without His word. His glory with the father prior to his birth has nothing to do with rewards. It has to do with His being and His person. Being is the quality and essence of what is and His person has to do with the quality and essence of who He is. Muslims don't know Jesus. To know Him is to have eternal life. God's word is eternal and uncreated.
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    Jesus is not valued (at all) unless he is valued above all. Augustine

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