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Thread: What Do You Seek?

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    Assalam alaykum,
    Teachers in the Ummah taught that:--

    "He who seeks worldly wealth cannot dispense with commerce and profit;
    he who seeks that of future life cannot dispense with Obedience and Service;
    he who seeks the Master cannot avoid tests and suffering."

    "Supplication takes away shame, pride drives out religion. A greedy man has
    the nature of the devil. Where greed enters, there follows identification, where
    identification is produced, an obstacle is created; where an obstacle is interposed,
    work is interrupted; where interruption occurs, there follows infidelity and hell-fire".

    For further reading on this, see
    Aflaki's "The Whirling Ecstasy".

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    While I understand the point of this post I would like to offer that Muslims vilify enjoying life or pursuing God's blessings (be it wealth or otherwise). If a balance is struck we don't have to look at this transitional life with disdain but with appreciation recognizing it for what it is and not getting caught up in some of the diversions we may face.

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