I've been looking at some of the posts on this site and have been impressed with the intelligent discussions going on. Some of DocW's comments were particularly interesting to me and "sold" me on getting registered. I hope to have some enlightening discussions that will hopefully help me achieve better guidance and learn a thing or two.

I'm in my early forties and as the name suggests, I'm a financial advisor with a leading Sharia-compliant investment advisory firm. I'm also a board member of a non-profit Muslim organization that focuses on community service. I'm interested in the subjects of halal investing, tafseer, Sunni/Shia unity, and finding the most effective ways of being a part of the broader Muslim community.

We don't have an Imam at our local masjid so I often feel there's nobody to talk to about certain questions and issues. I'm hoping to make some new friends on this forum that may be able to help me with the many questions I have.