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    Default batch file needed

    Dear Techies out there

    Am in need (at my workplace) of some batch file or something that users can simply click to have the below done on their file type settings on their PCs. See Attachment -

    May God bless you

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    Default Re: batch file needed


    Simply export the 'PowerPoint Show' registry key from a 'fixed' machine, distribute the .REG file throughout the network, and enter the registry values by double-clicking the file. I'm not sure what the registry key is in an NT 4 environment. Just search for 'PowerPoint Show' in the registry and export it when found, that outta do it.


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    Unzip the attached file for ppt.bat for PowerPoint 2000 and let me know if it works. In case it doesn't, there's a registry solution which is too hard to look for the specific keys but works for sure but just let me know.

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