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Thread: Helloo I am new Here

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    Default Helloo I am new Here


    I am SEO Expert, I really love Islam so much. And I am trying Quran free online Education all Muslims across the world.

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    Welcome to understanding islam.

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    Don't say Hi, especially Hello- it stands for "Hell-O" and the Kafar say that. We say: . .... Anyways, I'm newer than both of you. Add me brothers.

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    You might want to reconsider posting inaccurate information and calling people "kafir." The word "hello" has its origin in various languages, none have to do with "hell." Hello is an English word, if you consider that a kafir word is all your communication in the language make you a participant in kufr? Please be more responsible in your posts.

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    Assalam O Allikum
    MMA007 dear welcome on this beautiful and informative islamic forum. Hopefully you stay connected with this forum and share your experiences and knowledge with us via this forum.

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