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Thread: Watch the full video and comment pls.

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    Default Watch the full video and comment pls.

    I had a discussion about this. My main issue is first part of the video is an interview about the book on polar shifts. Well there is evidence of polar shifts and it may cause catastrophic events, which the book mentions. It doesn't mention about mention anything about Earth changing its rotation. Book doesn't mention any such thing because it is highly unlikely just magnetic field shift would cause such event and cause the sun to rise from the west. But in the end there is scholar giving scientific reasons for sun rising from the west, who is not expert in this scientific field/area and speaking pseudo science.

    (1) Book doesn't mention anything about Earth changing its rotation and sun rising from west, so why try to use that book for evidence when author of that book themselves won't agree with such connection?
    (2) I also see problems with the scholar taking scientific information and making an analysis which he doesn't himself has proper knowledge or understanding.

    I said avoid videos like this it may become detrimental to somebody's emaan as I've seen that happen to few friends of mine. Am the only one seeing a problem with such videos?

    I'm bad at articulation so there was an argument without poster understanding what I'm trying to say. Anyhow, I'm open to critique to the problem I see with such videos and vs. Please give your opinion it may help other muslims.

    I myself stay out of commenting unless anybody want to clarify something.


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    Default Re: Watch the full video and comment pls.

    The rotation of the earth thing is just a theory I think. I was into the accention shift thing last year and we get loads of "experts" (and channeled beings) talking about how the earth will transform itself with pole shifts and stuff. The one that the Muslim guy was talking about I have heard of that theory too. It's all just theroys for now but God knows best ^^
    The uploader must of add the 2 just to prove a point to his viewers but he/she messed up because both "experts" are talking about the same event but different.

    I learned most of the stuff from David wilcock but even he channels the unknown. What's quite common though is that all channeled beings agree that 2012 is the transformation and of cause we know that if they tell a truth they would add a dozens lies. But I gave up on the hole lightworker/starseeds and the so called experts who mastered the universe >_>

    But yeah the uploader didn't pay attention on what he/she is putting up
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    Default Re: Watch the full video and comment pls.

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