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Thread: Judge in grooming case says gang targeted victims by religion

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    Default Judge in grooming case says gang targeted victims by religion

    I first heard of these grooming cases perhaps a year or so ago. Back then, it was widely known that men from the "Asian" community would target young white girls. It's an unfortunate example of racial and religious hatred manifesting into actual crimes.

    Thankfully, (and quite out of character) one Pakistani community leader has bravely spoken out and highlighted the attitudes some in the Pakistani community have for whites/non-Muslims that has resulted in this and numerous other "grooming" cases.

    A judge today said nine men preyed on white girls as young as 13 for sex 'because they were not part of your community or religion' as he jailed them for a total of 77 years.
    Also, apparently, some believe the police ignored the problem for fear of being branded racist for going after an Asian pedophilia gang:

    Yesterday senior politicians clashed over the case – with one former Labour MP claiming police and social workers ignored complaints because they were ‘petrified of being called racist’.

    With experts on paedophilia insisting street grooming by Muslim men was a real problem, the judge made it clear he believed religion was a factor.
    It's also interesting that some still want to ignore the problem because telling the truth could help those mean "right-wingers":

    Keith Vaz, the Labour chairman of the home affairs select committee, yesterday told the Today programme that highlighting the Pakistani origin of all but one of the gang risked giving ammunition to the far-Right.

    But Martin Narey, former chief executive of children’s charity Barnardo’s, told the programme there was a ‘real problem’ which had to be confronted.

    ‘There is very troubling evidence that Asians are overwhelmingly represented in prosecutions for such offences,’ he said. Mr Narey added that ‘vulnerable girls on the street at night are generally white rather than more strictly-parented Asian girls’.

    He was backed by Ann Cryer, a former Labour MP in Keighley, West Yorkshire. She said: ‘This is an absolute scandal.

    They (the police and CPS) were petrified of being called racist and so reverted to the default of political correctness. They had a greater fear of being perceived in that light than in dealing with the issues in front of them.’
    Now it looks like the police are looking for forty more men - and there's believed to be 47 more victims:

    I also read that one of fathers of the victims has now become a BNP member. Makes you wonder if any more Anders Breiviks have been created by this racist pedophile gang.

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    Default Re: Judge in grooming case says gang targeted victims by religion

    did you leave out the part where the preacher's family condemns him for some specific reason ?
    Nine things the Lord has commanded me: Fear of God in private and in public; Justness, whether in anger or in calmness; Moderation in both poverty and affluence; That I should join hands with those who break away from me; And give to those who deprive me; And forgive those who wrong me; And that my silence should be meditation; And my words remembrance of God; And my vision keen observation.- Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

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    Default Re: Judge in grooming case says gang targeted victims by religion

    There's now a second grooming gang uncovered in the same city. The police are also looking for several dozen men (I think it's unrelated to the second gang):

    Nine men have been arrested in what officers are treating as separate from that of the group of men jailed this week for similar offences

    Men arrested in latest inquiry are not thought to have known members from other grooming trial

    Read more:


    Asian grooming gang detectives hunt for FORTY more men who may have had sex with underage girls

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