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Thread: Are Christians becoming the new Jews?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shafique View Post
    As for your spinning of history - the fact still remains that anti-Semitism over the centuries by Europeans (including the many incidents in the name of Christianity) is many many times greater than the isolated cases over the centuries by Muslims.

    More facts, less hype please.


    I read with interest your postings here and I notice that you continue to point to historic incidences where you say Christians were responsible for atrocities (ibid), however I think you fail to grasp that the history you rely upon is not recent.

    It would be like me saying that Mr Browns great great grandfather stole a goat from one of my relatives back in 1850 and I am so outraged by that crime committed against my family that I will not only force Mr Browns family to give me a goat but I will continue to persecute his various family members because they are responsible for the goat crime.

    In the same way, Hamas have to take responsibility for continuing to indiscriminating firing rockets and other munitions in and at Jewish targets and civilians with impunity.

    Backspace makes a very valid point that Trans-Jordan was and indeed remains part of the former British protectorate (mandate) of Palestine which was taken from the Ottoman's when their respective empire collapsed.

    So the question remains why would any sensible Palestinian (of any creed or race) support Hamas when the best example of a peaceful Islamic based society is right next door in Jordan? I suspect the reason has more to do with a rejection of a secular Jordan as opposed to the Hamas world view of what an Islamic based society should look like.

    The second question is two fold. Firstly, If Hamas and their supporters are ultimately successful in taking over Israel, where do you expect the Jews to go? I would suggest that if ISIL and their new found Caliphate is the current time example to go by then everyone in Israel, Jew or other, would be in an impossible situation. Secondly, what assurance would the rest of the world for a peaceful resolution to the situation in the middle east including all ethnic and inter-Islamic tensions between competing Islamic groups, or, would it be the case that after being successful a new target will be found and a peaceful resolution in the Middle East is a forlorn hope?

    History is history for a reason, it was yesterday. It is how we deal with each other today that counts. If we continue to act because of historical grievances then we are indeed unprofitable servants of Allah.

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    Default Re: Are Christians becoming the new Jews?

    I do not think Shafique is going to respond...
    "Allah is the point. If it is other-than-Allah, then it is besides the point." - Nuh Ha Mim Keller

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