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    Pious Husband - Islamic Poem

    Marriage to him is one half of the deen,
    To please Allah (swt) is more than a dream.
    He wears his beard for his Lord, to please and obey,
    He turns to Allah (swt) for Salah at least five times a day.

    He prays in the night and makes sure to wake you,
    And strives during daylight to provide and protect you.
    He lowers his gaze with firmness because he does not desire,
    To displease Allah (swt) and face His just ire,

    He asks advice from the ummah, and his wife too,
    Before making decisions that he might later rue.
    To his wife he is humble and always most kind,
    Sharing his burdens with strength and clear mind.

    He opens his mouth only to say what is best,
    Weighing all options ‘fore denying a request.
    He takes care of himself and family too
    Knowing that Allah (swt) will see them through.

    He is a pleasure from Allah (swt) above
    Be thankful to Allah (swt) and His blessings through love.

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    May Allah help all of you that are in difficult circumstances and may Allah help the ummah and grant us all the highest level of Jannah!

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    bless u

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    The pious and best husband is who fulfill all his responsibilities and obligations toward his family and wife. Allah Almighty ask him about his obligations and responsibilities.
    The Prophet(Sallallahu alaiyhi wassallam) said, “The best of you is the best one to his family.” [Al-Tabarani]

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    Marriage to him is one half of the deen,

    Is this evidence based?

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    Who is the recitor in the beginning?

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