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    Funny how $10 looks so big when we take it to masjid and so small
    when we take it to the store.

    Funny how big an hour serving God looks and how small 60 mintues are when spent playing golf, fishing or playing soccer.

    Funny how laborious it is to read a juzz in the Quran and how easy it is to read - 2-300 pages of a best selling novel.

    Funny how we believe what newspapers say but question what the Quran says.

    Funny how we can't think of anything to say when we pray and don't have any difficulty thinking of things to talk to a friend.

    Funny how we need 2-3 weeks to fit an islamic event into our schedule, but can adjust it for a social event at the last moment.

    Funny isn't it?

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    Yes true I agree with u and I think we should give more money to masjid as it is our religious place.

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    Rose26 its not funny its very embarrassing for us as a Muslim.The main reason behind it we are far away from Islam and Islamic teaching. We try to adopt the Western culture on the name of modernism and that's why we forget the teaching of Islam.

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    Really good words rose, nowadays Western culture as been making things worse, people are now out of their minds, A good islamic lessons and preaching is needed for the youngster

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