In the name of Allah the most gracious the most merciful

The word Islam is derived from an Arabic word (salaam: peace) and it means: Total submission to the will of Allah (God)The one who submits to the will of his creator God is called a Muslim.

To become a Muslim, one only has to believe and accept the oneness of Allah(God) and testify that there is no one worthy of worship except Allah(God) and that Muhammad is Allah’s(God’s) last messenger and prophet. A person has to understand and accept the following principles:

• This material world is not the be- all and end-all of existence and life in this world is only part of the eternal life.

• Everything in this world has been created from nothingness by the One God, God Almighty

• God is the only One who grants life and causes death. It is He who created everything, and if He wishes; He will destroy and obliterate it;

• God has endowed man with the power of intellect to deal with whatever matters he is presented with and he has given him the power of reasoning with which he can make his own choice and will power to enable him to achieve what he wants

• Allah(God) is the sole creator of everything, He is the One who has created all the material beings that we can see and feel, and has also created unseen beings, some animate and others inanimate;

• Among the unseen beings are the angels who have been created for absolute good;

• And then there are the satans who have been created as dark and negative forces

• Amongst human beings , God selected certain people to whom the divine law was revealed, so that they can guide humanity towards it ; these people are called prophets for example :Noah ,Abraham ,Jesus, Muhammad(the last and final prophet)…

• This divine law is contained in all the books revealed from the heavens for example: The Torah revealed to Moses, the Psalms revealed to David , the Gospel revealed to Jesus , the Qur’an revealed to Muhammad

• The Qur’an is the last and final book and all the other books and their divine laws were abrogated by the Qur’an

• Allah(God) created an eternal life beyond this temporary life, where the doer of good will be rewarded with a life in paradise and the wrong doer will be rewarded with a life in hell

• Allah(Almighty God) is completely just in a way that cannot be assessed in human terms

• Anyone who repents then his/her repentance will be accepted and Allah(God) is Merciful and ever forgiving no matter ho big the sin is


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