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Thread: Jesus, Son of Mary (Islamic Documentary)

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    Default Jesus, Son of Mary (Islamic Documentary)

    This documentary provides profiles from the life of Jesus the Messenger under the light of Quranic verses and has many distinct features from other movies and documentaries on Jesus. The documentary proves with proofs that Jesus the Messenger is not a son of God, that he was not crucified, was not killed, and that the previous major Holy Books of the Torah, The Psalters and the Gospel were manipulated and falsified during the course of their respective histories. The documentary also refutes various slanders thrown upon the God and His messengers in the texts of the manipulated Holy Books. For more please watch the documentary. The makers of the documentary do not hold any copyrights on it and thus it is dispersable freely.


    Category: Islamic Documentary
    Language: English
    Duration: 01:29.55
    Size: 1.67 Gb

    Producer: İlker Yiğit
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