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Thread: How is the Reputation Calculated?

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    Default How is the Reputation Calculated?

    Not that it matters... but I'm vaguely curious.

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    Default Re: How is the Reputation Calculated?

    Hey Polog, sorry for the delayed response. I don't have the exact numbers right now, but roughly every new member starts at Zero Rep. and a rep. power threshold. As someone gives someone reputation, the new guys repuatation increases and so does his reputation power. So the more rep. you recieve, the more your rep. power too.
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    Default Re: How is the Reputation Calculated?

    If your list has 20 AOL subscribers, and 10 of those addresses bounce your message, AOL thinks you either haven't contacted these people in a long time, that you don't care about removing people from your list, or that you bought your list. If your list has 20 AOL subscribers, and all of them receive your mail, you're more likely to have a real relationship with those people.

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    Default Re: How is the Reputation Calculated?

    Three factors go into calculating your reputation:
    1. How many subscribers are bouncing
    2. Spam complaints
    3. Unsubscribes

    Reputation scores are determined by an algorithm that takes into account the number of posts you make, the number of up votes or down votes, and also factors in a time variable. Negative votes will impact your reputation score more heavily. Please note that this means that you will not receive an increase in your score every time you post a comment or receive an up vote. Keep posting and you'll get there!
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