Iranian bloggers to be executed for 'spreading corruption' as Tehran cracks down in run up to elections.

Two Iranian bloggers are to be executed for 'spreading corruption' - as Tehran cracks down on freedom of expression in the run up to its parliamentary elections in March.

Four journalists have also been arrested, prompting the U.S. State Department to urge Iranian officials to 'protect the rights of all its citizens and uphold the rule of law'.
Islamist / totalitarian fear societies abhor the freedom of Western democracy for two principal reasons: Firstly, democracy espouses the right for all people to live freely under the protection of the rule of law—laws which they themselves decide upon. This is anathema to islamism because it elevates man to a position of sovereignty in how he shall live. Islamists believe that it is for God alone to make such decrees, as are set down in the principles of the koran and sunnah. Secondly, democracy is the one force that the Islamic jihad will never be able defeat. Arrogant delusions of entitlement notwithstanding, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness will always be more appealing and meritorious than death, oppression, and the protraction of misery.

The resounding slap in the face dealt to Islamo-fascism by liberal democracy enrages the Muslim psyche, and until—and if—there is a sweeping reform movement in Islamism, we must reach out to offer secular freedom to islamist nations whenever we can. Iran is looking ripe right now, if the freedom movements and the growing phenomenon of Iranian bloggers (who end up in being sentenced to death for their efforts) are any indicator.