"This is a truly majestic book and is, without doubt, one of the most powerful works available on Islam in the English language. Intended primarily for the non-Muslim, or specifically for Westerners with little or no prior knowledge of Islam, I would say that this book is equally accessible and helpful to those who are either practising believers or who have a good working knowledge of the Faith, in the way it goes so far beyond ordinary introductory texts in dealing with and answering the vital questions of human existence. A comprehensive coverage of specifically the Islamic ethos is included, with regards to formation, beliefs, sources, history and crystallization, yet this representation always remains couched in an acute understanding of other major religious forces and (contemporary) intellectual contexts. This work is scholarly and encyclopaedic in content and scope, yet is saved from becoming abstruse or inaccessible by the author's pronounced gift of articulation, where with an almost effortless ease complex issues and matters are expressed in beautiful and poetical style. In fact, certain passages of this book are simply spellbinding, and there is a definite spiritual dimension to the text where the reader can tangibly feel the calm serenity of the author being transmitted through the words. I really cannot recommend this book enough; for those interested in furthering their knowledge of specifically Islam and the Muslim faith it is an excellent place to start or continue your research, for those who have any type of interest in religion in general or who are simply concerned with the deeper questions of life, meaning, purpose and existence then reading this book will prove to be an intriguing experience and for those who are simply looking for an interesting read then I am sure that this book will not disappoint you. Unreservedly, I recommend this book to as many people as possible."


Book is available on scribd: http://www.scribd.com/doc/50292190/I...Destiny-of-Man

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