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    Thumbs up AL AIN PARADISE.

    The First park in Guinness World Record by The Largest Number of Hanging Flower Bskets---Al Ain, United Arab Emirates.

    Al Ain: The Oasis city has once again set a new world record by displaying hanging baskets with millions of flowers, in the shape of a huge pyramid.
    Al Ain Paradise, as it is known, has found its way in the Guinness Book of World Records — which has recognised it as the world's largest garden — for the second time.
    Many visitors said it was a unique experience to see millions of flowers in different colours, types, and settings — in a city known for its desert dunes and an arid environment.

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    Default Re: AL AIN PARADISE.

    I'm surprised they didn't just build another 20 concrete buildings to go with the rest of Dubai...

    As an aside, it's beautiful....
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    Default Re: AL AIN PARADISE.

    nice, it makes me wonder, how can it be so green in the desert. Baskets need to be watered and these nice petunia's will hang down (I have them myself) if you irrigate water like rain. How do they do it?
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    Default Re: AL AIN PARADISE.

    What does Ain mean?
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    Default Re: AL AIN PARADISE.

    Quote Originally Posted by alan View Post
    What does Ain mean?
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    Default Re: AL AIN PARADISE.

    Looks more like a venue for a circus. Ever seen Japanese or Chinese gardens now they are surely a sight for sore eyes. Perhaps they should have tried one like that.
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    Default Re: AL AIN PARADISE.

    THis hurts my eyes. Looking at how Allah has arranged the earth when it comes to the jungles and the plains you really begin to appreaciate how awesome He is at beauty. SubhaAllah
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