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    Thoughts on the views expressed on this video?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sigma View Post
    Thoughts on the views expressed on this video?
    Assalamu Alaikum brother sigma,
    Since no one replied, my view is that this video is a sad sad proof of everything gone wrong with propagation and Tashkil.

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    Sorry, but everyone, even al-Boriqi, has expressed their fundamental disagreement with al-Muhajirun's philosophy several times in the past. So that is perhaps why no one has responded but al-yunan, who was not here for this discussions.

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    Choudary appears to have alot of hate in him,with a psychopathic ego.A misrepresentation,he is hiding the reality,covering it,so what does that make him.He sounds like any leader leading his people to the fire.
    Islam isnt for studying,its for living

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    Sadly, views like that in OP are growing. The problem is that people that are a part of Anjem Chowdhury's group or movement speak with a seemingly "strong" knowledge of Islam and people who go to debate them come with secular arguements. Hence, AC seems convincing as if he's portraying the Islamic view.
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    the dude is an idiot and no one believes in him. even the khawaarij on certain forums affirmed how unorthodox his ideas are.
    Islamic Thought In the Modern Era of the Islamic Awakening: Dissemination of Islamic research and studies
    al-Mustaqeem Publications
    “The bonds of Islam will be broken one by one. Every time a bond is undone, the people will cling to the bond that follows. The first of these bonds is rulership (khilaafa) and the last is the prayer (salah).” Reported by Ahmad and Tabarani. Al-Hakim stated that the chain is authentic.

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    Individual views of a single person can not be a representative of whole organization or a certain school of thought.

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